Monday, August 23, 2010

Top 5 Cell Phones of early 2010

Someone has posted a video on youtube about the Top 10 Smartphones of early 2010. The following are the Top 10 Smartphone. Which ones do you think made it to the Top 5 list?

Now Watch the Top 5 version of the video and check your guesses.

Do you agree with this Top 5? Share with us in the comment area!

What are Smartphone Apps

Check out this Slides Presentation to understand a bit more about Smartphones and their Apps.

Beaver dam - Smartphones

Did you learn anything about Smartphones or Apps? Share with us in the comment area!

The second Beaver Dam of 2010

In the second semester of 2010 our 2B students will be the ones in charge of our Beaver Dam.

They will discuss Smart Phones Apps and will write reviews of current apps or suggest new applications to apps programmers.

So get ready for our soon-to-come Smart Phones Apps Beaver Dam!

What do you think about this topic for the Beaver Dam? Share with us in the comment area!